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Our recommendation programme is made for campers and hosts who would like to recommend Parkn'Sleep to other hosts. Recommendations can be made conveniently in the user account.

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Recommend Parkn'Sleep and receive a bonus of 99 euros

Parkn'Sleep was awarded Switzerland's most innovative tourism concept in 2021 and is very popular with pitch providers. From now on, hosts from all over Europe can also register with Parkn'Sleep, and with your help:

Recommend Parkn'Sleep to new hosts and benefit from a
99 euro bonus. We pay this out for every new host who registers with us and opens a pitch.

Automatic payout

By entering your payout details once with us, the rewards go straight into your pocket.

Overview of successes

In your overview, you can see all hosts recommended by you with their current success and payout status.

Host Support

After your recommendation, you don't have to do anything. We take over the consulting and onboarding of the host.


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Here you will find exciting articles about our company as well as testimonials about pitches, hosts, campers, destinations and much more.

Recommend host now.

Do you know people who would also like to become hosts for campers?
Recommend Parkn'Sleep and receive a bonus for each new host.

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