The new way of camping

March 15, 2022


The new way of camping

Today, in times of Corona, when we talk about our travel plans - several months in a self-built camper van through Europe - we often get incredulous looks, especially from the older generation; "The campsites are closed in many countries, aren't they?" - That's true. But many people don't realize that campsites don't necessarily play a major role for us - why should they? Isn't that exactly how you imagine a typical camping vacation? Wandering from one campsite to the next or, ideally, staying on the same site for two weeks and keeping company with the permanent campers. For many people today, this ideal camping vacation no longer applies.

Pictures: Lucien Marti - More on Instagram

Sure, depending on the equipment of the motorhome and camper van maintain appropriate hygiene standards, you are occasionally forced to go to a place with sanitary facilities - after all, you don't want to bother your fellow travelers with unpleasant smells. But apart from that, more and more travelers are looking above all for the opportunity to be flexible and spontaneous. In other words, the complete opposite of reservations and minimum overnight stays. And many are looking for something that most campsites don't offer: peace and quiet, solitude, seclusion and a simple, pared-down lifestyle.

The trend towards minimalism does not stop at the world of camping. At a time when almost everything is available everywhere and at all times, all-inclusive and the evening entertainment program are losing their appeal and overcrowded places and crowds have been a horror for most people since Corona at the latest.

Camping means being close to nature, living more modestly, being more grounded and less distracted. Many people share this desire for "time out in a camper". But where to go with the "new way of camping"? The current infrastructure in most tourist regions still offers little room for the trend - parking areas are lined with prohibition signs - even if many of the areas are empty at night and a camper would not disturb anyone there.

Many potential "hosts" lack the necessary platform; a basis that creates trust on both sides, sets boundaries and provides guidelines. The fear of uninvited guests, overcrowding, piles of garbage left behind and disturbances at night is too great. There would be too little control over what could happen if the prohibition sign were removed.

But this is precisely where the great opportunity lies for all parties involved. The chance to make sensible use of vacant spaces, flexible and available pitches and new points of contact between tourist areas and campers. And the chance to create a space for a new type of camping.

Author: Melina Kiefer -More on Instagram

Pictures: Lucien Marti - More on Instagram

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