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An important element of Parkn'Sleep is the QR signage on site. The pitch can be equipped with the following signs as required. These signal to arriving campers where they can park, check in and pay.

In principle, the Parkn'Sleep check-in system can be integrated on any pitch, regardless of whether it is already listed in directories. In the case of reservation platforms or campsites, care should be taken to ensure that the availability of the Parkn'Sleep pitches is guaranteed. This can be adjusted in the system at any time.

QR Check-In
Each sign contains a personalised QR code that takes campers directly to the check-in area.

All signs can be mounted individually depending on the situation. The holes are therefore not pre-drilled.

The signs are made of a high-quality 4mm aluminium plate and are suitable for outdoor use.

Check-In Point

Aluminium plate 50x70cm

The sign corresponds to the standard parking sign size and can be used on any parking space as the main signalling. Place in a clearly visible position at the entrance or in a central location. The Check-In Point is used as a signalling and payment point for arriving campers.

For mounting on a metal or wooden post, drill 2 holes on the centre line and fasten the sign accordingly. For mounting in a standard 50 x 70 cm sign frame, the holes are drilled in the corners accordingly. Mounting directly on a wall is also possible.

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Single-user labelling

Aluminium plate 18cm x 25cm


The sign signals to campers where they may park their vehicle. It is mounted directly in front of or next to the individual parking space. This sign also contains a QR code and therefore functions independently of the Check-In Point as a specific signalisation of the individual pitch. For spaces with other systems (reservation platforms, parking meter), this signage is recommended. The availability of the individual space must be guaranteed at all times.

For mounting on metal or wooden posts, 2 holes are pre-drilled on the centre line and the sign is attached accordingly. The same procedure applies for wall mounting.

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Check-In Sticker

Plastic 14cm x 19cm

The sticker is used as a signalling and payment point for arriving campers. For sites with a parking meter, the sticker is recommended in combination with the single space signage. The sticker is also suitable for hotel entrances or campsites with reception.

First clean the area to be covered and place the sticker.

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Sticker Parking Barrier

Plastic 9.5cm x 20cm

For parking spaces with an entry barrier (code), the check-in sticker can be used in the entry area. Ideally located near the code panel.
Arriving campers scan the code and check in directly in front of the entrance. The entry code is sent to the camper's smartphone immediately afterwards.

IMPORTANT: The code must be included in the host information. This text can be set under "Edit pitches".

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Aluminium plate 20 x 25cm

The signpost shows arriving campers the way to the pitch / check-in point. It is intended for remote sites where the access road is not clearly visible. For example for nature sites or agrotourism.

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