Becoming a host for campers

As a camper host, you earn extra income and support spontaneous camper tourism in your region.

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The digital payment system for
your camper pitch

87% of the campers* are today rather spontaneous on the way and renounce
if possible the pre-reservation of a place.
*Visitor survey Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2022

With Parkn'Sleep you rent your place simply and without administration expenditure against an overnight accomodation fee. A reservation system
is thereby completely renounced.

Campers drive up to your pitch without any advance notice and do the
"check-in" independently at the signalization on site.

Pitches can be rented flexibly - you determine the days on which
campers can "check in" at your site.

At Parkn'Sleep there are no hidden fees, no subscription or setup costs. Becoming a host is free and without obligation.

Live availability shows the camper how many individual pitches are currently available. Capacities and weekdays can be adjusted at any time and in real time in the overview.

Full control without administrative effort. In contrast to conventional platforms, guest communication and booking requests are completely eliminated.

Direct camper check-in on site without app download. Automated billing of fees and tourism taxes. Simple parking space control. Free, high-quality QR signage.


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Post pitches free of charge

Advertise new or existing places on Parkn'Sleep. It does not matter on which directories they are already listed. Parkn'Sleep is primarily an on-site payment system for non-reservable pitches, where campers check themselves in and out independently.

"On-time" pitch management

Enter and manage places in your overview. Settings such as availability, prices, services or changes to pictures and descriptions are applied immediately. Availability can also be controlled by day of the week.

Professional pitch appearance

The modern pitch overview displays all relevant information such as description, live availability, price, pitch rules, tourism taxes and ratings.

Everything under control

Arriving campers are listed in the system with vehicle registration number and contact details and can be checked and processed on site. Bookings and finances can be clearly managed and income paid out at any time.


Spontaneous, safe & legal

Find out why the Parkn'Sleep app is a must-have
for your spontaneous road trip.

Pitches with live availability

All seats are displayed with a live availability. This is done by a traffic light system with green, yellow and red pins on the map.

Spontaneous approach around the clock

All seats can be used spontaneously and without reservation 24/7. On site a check-in point siglnalizes the correct place. The individual pitches are also marked on mixed pitches.

Verified hosts

Already more than 800 hosts offer Parkn'Sleep. Hosts include municipalities, private individuals, restaurants, mountain railroads, farmers, harbors, campsites and beach resorts.

Unlike pitch directories and recommendation apps, where it is often unclear who owns the pitch or who is even allowed to stay overnight, Parkn'Sleep only offers legal and safe pitches from verified hosts.

Digital check-in

The digital check-in replaces the local reception. Just scan the check-in point and you will be guided through the check-in process. Payment can currently be made by credit card or Parkn'Sleep vouchers.

Where would you like to offer Parkn'Sleep?

Choose a pitch type that suits you.

What is allowed on your course?

Determine the behaviour on site. If you are unsure whether "camping" is allowed in your area, simply choose "parking" or "folding chair". This allows you to operate simple, legal short-term sites.

How many vehicles is your space suitable for?

Determine the number of vehicles that can be parked in your space at the same time. Choose a smaller number if you also take reservations. You can adjust the number of seats - as well as all other settings - immediately in the cockpit at any time.

You deserve:

EURO 200 per year

With an average utilisation of 30% (empirical value)

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Advertise your pitch within 3 minutes and receive your welcome package

With individual check-in signage. Registration 100% free of charge.

*No contract period, no subscription.

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