All-rounder: the self-sufficient "Pitch Control" parking space column

May 4, 2024

Arrive spontaneously - or would you rather make a reservation?

In addition to the existing check-in system, Parkn'Sleep is expanding its offering and introducing a digital reservation option for parking spaces with the system manufacturer Camigo.

The self-sufficient, easy-to-install pitch control pillar signals the pitch to arriving campers. Reservations can be made directly on Parkn'Sleep or on the operator's website with a widget integration. The column also recognizes arriving vehicles and shows booking information such as date and license plate number directly on the display.

The best of both worlds

Until now, there have been no good solutions for reserving motorhome pitches. Reservations are often not worthwhile for the operator, as the cost for guests is too high compared to the relatively low accommodation costs. With Pitch Control from Camigo, we are introducing the first reservation system for motorhome pitches in Europe that operates completely autonomously. Reservations are made online and communication takes place "peer to peer" between the app and the column. The host has no effort with Pitch Control.

Parkn'Sleep closes the gap between spontaneous arrival and reservable spaces and will offer an "all-in-one" system that combines the best of both worlds. The spaces can still be accessed spontaneously around the clock, but as soon as you want the space for sure, you can easily reserve it in the app - on the way there or weeks in advance.

The pitch control can now also be pre-reserved directly in the app.

Pilot projects in Arosa (GR), Brigels (GR) and Aesch (BL)

Pitch control was successfully tested in the three municipalities during the summer of 2023.

The conclusion was positive at all test sites, especially that the reservation option does not involve any administrative effort. More nights were booked than with the standard Parkn'Sleep system.

The ecological aspect was particularly evident in the municipality of Arosa, for example. "Who drives 365 bends up the valley without knowing that the parking space is still free on arrival," says Serge Rothenbühler from the municipality of Arosa.

The concept works so well in Arosa that the capacity of the pitches has even been doubled from this season.

The system is also being used successfully in Brigels and is now replacing the telephone inquiries that were previously answered at the hotel reception.

The system can be demonstrated on site on request.

Pitch near Arosa Müllibode

Who drives 365 bends up the valley without knowing that the pitch is still free on arrival?

Serge Rothenbühler, Municipality of Arosa

Full control: The column detects incoming vehicles with sensors positioned on the side.

Easy installation and mobile handling

The system is completely mobile and self-sufficient thanks to solar-powered hardware with an IoT connection. It can be relocated at any time. The column can be placed in a base, for example a plant box filled with gravel or soil. Installation and commissioning is carried out by our team on site and is included in the sales price. The parking space is ready for use within an hour.

Thanks to its solar cell and SIM card, the Pitch Control is mobile and does not require a cable connection.

A cooperation with heart and shared philosophy

"We first met at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf in 2022," says Lukas from Parkn'Sleep and laughs. Back then, both companies were new on the market and we didn't yet trust each other. After a few conversations, we knew: "Not only do we share the same camper philosophy, we also understand each other very well on a personal level". What's more, the two products complemented each other perfectly. A pilot project was launched and a lot of tinkering and feedback was gathered from hosts. Today, we are in the process of scaling the joint product and have great ambitions when it comes to the digitalization of motorhome pitches.

Lukas ImhofCEO Parknsleep (left) and Guido Rasch, CEO Camigo (right) at the commissioning of "Patient Zero" :-) in Brigels (GR)

Intelligent and innovative technology - the facts:

Automatic availability synchronization

The occupancy status (free/occupied) of the columns is displayed live on Parkn'Sleep. One Pitch Control covers 2 parking spaces.

Self-sufficient system

Stand-alone, solar-powered hardware with IoT connection. SIM card. No power, WLAN or fixed internet connection required.

Automatically recognize vehicles

The column uses state-of-the-art lidar sensors to notify the host when a camper is on the pitch. Occupancy outside of reservations is recognized by the system and automatically entered. Regular guests are sent a welcome message on arrival.

Personalized reservation display at the parking space for the guest

Each reservation is displayed on the column with the license plate number, arrival and departure date up to 5 days before arrival. The affiliation is therefore clearly visible and the arriving guest can find their place.

Power supply for the vehicles

Optionally, we can install 2 CEE sockets to supply power to the vehicles (installation without cable routing on site)

Amortization and costs

  • A pitch control (for 2 pitches) costs 1290.- / introductory price 990.-
  • With 50% reservation / 50% spontaneous arrival, the costs per pitch are amortized after 40 overnight stays (empirical values)
  • Reservation and guest expenses (telephone, email) are often not taken into account. This should also be included in the calculation

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