In die digitale Campingzukunft investieren

Get in the driver's seat and help determine where the journey takes you. Become a co-owner of the fastest growing parking platform in Europe.

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We share not only great places, but also our Company!

Unser Travel-Tech Startup bringt die Freiheit zurück zum Camper und schafft gleichzeitig Wertschöpfung in Tourismusregionen. Parkn'Sleep ist die erste Parking App für Camper in Europa und reagiert mit einem innovativen Konzept auf die heutigen Bedürfnisse von Wohnmobilreisenden: Unabhängigkeit, Spontanität und Sicherheit.

Als Unternehmen in der Sharing Economy liegt das Teilen von Eigentum in unserer DNA. Warum sollen wir also nicht auch unsere Company teilen und unsere Community am Erfolg teilhaben lassen?

Klingt das interessant? Dann erfahre mehr über das Investieren in Parkn'Sleep:


Why should you invest in
Parkn'Sleep ?

Jeder hat seine eigenen Gründe zu investieren:

Investiere, weil Camping der schnellst wachsende Markt in der Reisebranche ist und du als Miteigentümer*in am Erfolg unseres Traveltech-Startup's teilhaben kannst.

Investiere, weil Parkn’Sleep durch seine Skalierbarkeit und Beliebtheit die besten Chancen hat, zur grössten Plattform für individuelles Camping in Europa zu werden.

Investiere, weil du gerne mit deinem Camper unterwegs bist und du in Zukunft mitbestimmen kannst, wo die Reise von Parkn'Sleep hingeht.

A unique product with high scaling potential through automated processes.

Solving a real problem in a fast-growing market.

An experienced and creative team with unbeatable skills and great entrepreneurial spirit.

Erfolgreiches Crowdinvesting abgeschlossen

Auf der Schweizer Crowdinvesting-Plattform Oomnium haben wir unserer Community 10% unseres Unternehmens verkauft. Wir dürfen nun 355 neue Aktionär*innen zählen, welche ein Mitstimmrecht haben.

Möchtest du informiert werden, sobald es wieder eine Investment-Runde gibt?

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These people support
our success story:

"Proven business model meets a new and large market. I find that very convincing."

Malte Polzin
Digital Business Expert / Former CEO

"On my bus trips, there is often a lack of easy and legal parking spaces. Parkn'Sleep is therefore an investment in personal freedom for me."

Martina Bisaz
Travel Influencer 300K+ / Content Creator

"You know how to deal with stakeholders professionally and make your Parkn'Sleep lovers sustainable partners who support you over every road - whether uphill & downhill including breakdowns!"

Silvan Küng
Serial Entrepreneur / Startup & SME Coach

"Through innovative application of digital solutions, it is possible to cover needs of society efficiently and without government expenditure - that is the future."

Christophe Lanz
Cantonal Council Zug FDP

"Clear added value for our stage locations: guests and fans arriving by camper van will find their pitch uncomplicated and close to the action."

Jonas Leib
Head Technics - Tour de Suisse

"As a freedom-loving Defender rooftop camper, Parkn'Sleep is just what I need to discover the world away from mass tourism. It's the digital answer to old market structures."

Fabian Plüss
CEO & Founder Kingfluencers AG

Setz dich mit ans Steuer und bestimme mit, wohin die Reise geht!

Mit dem Kauf von Parkn'Sleep-Aktien wirst du Miteigentümer*in von Parkn'Sleep und hast ein Mitspracherecht. Du nimmst an Umfragen zu strategischen Entscheidungen teil und bekommst viermal jährlich den Investor Insight Letter. Du bist zur Generalversammlung und weiteren tollen Events eingeladen.

Investieren, wie geht das?

Falls dich Parkn'Sleep als Investitionsmöglichkeit interessiert, oder du allgemein mehr über digitale Aktien und Start-up Investments erfahren möchtest, kontaktiere uns unter


Here you will find the most important questions about investing in Parkn'Sleep.

Who can invest?


Any private individual over the age of 18 residing in Switzerland can invest. Legal entities domiciled in Switzerland can also invest with us. If you want to invest in the name of your company, please contact us via For legal reasons, an identification process is necessary before you can make your investment.

What do I get for my money with crowdinvesting?


After the successful crowdfunding campaign, you become a shareholder and can participate in the success of Parkn'Sleep. You will receive your digital shares on your wallet. As a shareholder, you are a co-owner and have voting rights.

Can I sell my shares again?


You can sell your shares privately at any time. To do so, you send your shares to the buyer's wallet. The buyer can then pay you in cash, via bank transfer, TWINT, etc. or directly via the blockchain with a cryptocurrency.

What rights do I have as a shareholder?


Your rights as a shareholder are governed by the legal provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Articles of Association of parknsleep AG. The digital shares are included in the shareholder agreement in order to secure important instruments such as drag-along (co-sale obligation) or tag-along (co-sale right). You can find the detailed information directly on the campaign page from May 2, 2023.

What are digital shares?


Since February 1, 2021, digital shares can be issued in Switzerland in the form of registered securities. These digital securities are legally no different from conventional shares. This new law now makes it possible to store company shares digitally on a blockchain and to transfer them directly from one person to another without much administrative effort. In the process, the blockchain documents all transactions, which makes trading and storing the digital equity securities very secure.

Are my digital shares safe?


Your digital shares are securely stored on the blockchain and displayed in your wallet. Provided you follow your wallet provider's recommendations, don't share your passwords, and keep the security key safe, your shares and other tokens are well protected on your wallet - like in a vault.

Are digital stocks affected by cryptocurrency price fluctuations?


No. Digital shares are so-called "smart contracts" and have nothing in common with cryptocurrencies, only the blockchain technology is the same. Park'Sleep is valued in Swiss francs.

Can I also have my shares in paper form?


No. You can only purchase shares in digital form.

Do I have to pay tax on my shares?


Capital gains from shares are generally tax-free in Switzerland for individuals who do not trade in securities on a commercial basis. The shares held are therefore normally only subject to wealth tax and must be declared accordingly in the tax return. The value of your shares will usually be reported to you annually by the company in which you have invested. If the company pays dividends, these must be declared and taxed as investment income in the tax return. If you have detailed questions about this, it is best to contact a tax advisor to discuss your personal situation.

What is the difference between shares and participation certificates?


In the case of shares with voting rights, you as an investor can, among other things, vote at the general meeting. Participation certificates, on the other hand, are silent shares for which you as an investor have no voting rights. In both cases you participate in the success of the company. Parkn'Sleep issues shares with voting rights.

What does the term "subscribe to shares" mean?


To create new shares, a written declaration must be made, which is also called 'subscription' of shares. With the purchase of Parkn'Sleep shares you give our legal partner LEXR Law Switzerland AG a power of attorney to make this written declaration for you for the notary.


Interessiert an einem Investment?

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Become a co-owner of Parkn'Sleep

We are issuing a limited number of digital shares to our community as part of a crowdinvesting. Would you like to learn more about it? Then sign up, we will inform you as soon as it starts.

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