Switzerland's first travel crowdinvesting goes live

May 5, 2023

We, the Lucerne-based start-up Parkn'Sleep, are the first tourism company in Switzerland to digitize its shares. This is made possible by the new Swiss crowdinvesting platform OOMNIUM. Thanks to digital shares, our own users will be able to have a say in Parkn'Sleep's future direction and participate in its success.

Any user resident in Switzerland can become a shareholder via the crowdinvesting platform "Oomnium"

OOMNIUM is a new Swiss crowdinvesting platform backed by the crowdfunding pioneers at wemakeit. It turns the "crowd", i.e. people like you and me, into shareholders: People living in Switzerland, for whom ecological, social and societal goals are just as important as a financial return, can invest in companies with just a few hundred francs. At the end of a successful financing campaign, the registered shares or participation certificates are digitized.

Already 148 new co-owners on the first day and over 80% of the shares sold!

Co-founder Lukas Imhof with new co-owner Malte Polzin

Our users not only determine their own journey, but also that of the company

For the next growth step, Parkn'Sleep is offering its crowd investors a total of 10% of the company . "By buying shares, everyone has the chance to show that they believe in our product and share our philosophy," says Lukas Imhof. "We encourage camping enthusiasts and investors to get behind the wheel and have a say in where Parkn'Sleep is heading. This commitment is very important, he believes, and contributes to user-centered business processes and a loyal user base. In future, our campers and hosts should be able to travel and manage pitches via "their own product". With the capital increase from the crowd, Parkn'Sleep wants to continue to drive forward the technical development of its platform, its reach and its internationalization. "With these three areas, we will make spontaneous, safe and environmentally friendly travel possible throughout Europe," promises Imhof. Parkn'Sleep is launching its crowdinvesting campaign on oomnium.com on May 9, making it a pioneer of the new "venture crowd capital" financing option.

Hosts can now work with their "own system".

By purchasing Parkn'Sleep shares, our hosts not only earn money from the overnight stay on the pitch, but also participate in the overall development of Parkn'Sleep. Not only because the shares increase in value over time, but also because hosts have voting rights as official co-owners and can contribute to product improvement.

Reto Grüter (Jack) has decided to become a co-owner of Parkn'Sleep. He runs the pitch "Jack's Station" in Staffelbach since summer 2021, which he set up around his parents' house, which he took over a few years ago. "I was convinced by the tourism concept right from the start because it's very easy to manage and I don't necessarily have to be on site," says Reto on his motorcycle. He travels a lot for work and is rarely at home. The pitch is set up so that every guest can manage themselves.

"When I was told I could buy shares in Parkn'Sleep, I didn't have to think twice," says Reto Grüter.

His insider tip for other hosts:

For more reach and turnover, you can also book your pitch on park4night or camping-app.eu and charge arriving campers via Parkn'Sleep.

Host and new investor at Parkn'Sleep: Reto Grüter (Jack) from Staffelbach

Continued success for the parking app for campers

Parkn'Sleep is the first parking app for campers in Europe. It already offers 9,000 parking spaces in 23 countries and meets the needs of today's motorhome travelers: Independence, spontaneity and safety. The app shows official parking spaces with live availability. Private landowners or municipalities can advertise their pitches with just a few clicks, let campers stay overnight and generate income. Campers can drive to the pitches spontaneously and register themselves on site using a QR scan and pay via the app. "In the first two years, we have continuously improved the platform and gained valuable experience," says Lukas Imhof, who is also an enthusiastic camper. "Now the time is ripe to take the next step. We want to do this together with our community."

Data and figures from the Parkn'Sleep crowdinvesting campaign

- The campaign runs from May 9 to 31, 2023.

- Advance reservations have been possible since May 2, 2023.

- Minimum Funding: CHF 200'000

- Maximum Funding: CHF 350'000

- Price per share: CHF 2.31

- Minimum investment: CHF 231 (100 shares)

Are you interested in becoming a co-owner of Parkn'Sleep and traveling with your "own product" or managing pitches?

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