Camping or pitch?

March 15, 2022


What distinguishes the pitch from the campsite?

A month has now passed since we started our big journey in our camper. A month with many nights spent at various pitches and campsites. During this time, we have learned to appreciate the advantages of both types of accommodation and are now more deliberate than we were at the beginning of the trip about whether it should be a pitch for the next night or whether the next visit should be to the campsite. Like most "newcomers", we were not so clearly aware of the differences between the two options.

One thing right away: For us, there is no clear favourite or arguments that speak only for one or the other, as both definitely have their advantages and disadvantages.

But what distinguishes the pitch from the classic campsite?

The campsite

A classic campsite is usually a clearly demarcated site with a reception, sanitary facilities and waste disposal stations. This infrastructure is one of the great advantages: Not only are showers, toilets and the supply of electricity and water available here, but usually also the possibility to do laundry, which is always important, especially for us as "long-term travellers". Campsites also offer the possibility of making a reservation, so that you can secure your place long before your arrival. However, this, in addition to the opening hours of the reception, takes away the spontaneity of travelling, because if the reception is closed, arriving on that day is usually no longer possible. Another big difference is the target group: on a campsite, everyone from motorhomes and caravans to cars with tents will find a place.

its place.

TCS Camping is the largest provider of campsites in Switzerland. The TCS Camping Guide provides reliable and up-to-date information on 265 campsites in Switzerland.

The pitch

Pitches, on the other hand, are usually only for motorised motorhomes, i.e. caravans are also usually taboo here. Setting up awnings is also not permitted and even extending the awning can cause problems, depending on the size of the pitch, as the pitches are often small and close together. Access to a pitch is possible around the clock, as there is no reception here. This is always the decisive point for us on our trips! Depending on the site, the pitches are sometimes free or you have to pay at a barrier, a vending machine or by app. In contrast to campsites, you can always get away with a much better price for one night. Another big difference to campsites is the length of stay: as a rule, the pitches are only for a short stay, most motorhomers use the pitches for one night, longer stays are rarely permitted. However, as pitches are often found near towns, they offer a good starting point for a city trip.

The Association Motorhome Country Switzerland actively promotes clean and sustainable motorhome tourism in Switzerland and sets new standards for operators and campers. The association has examined the difference between a campsite and a pitch and established a practical definition.

Ultimately, both types of accommodation offer their clear advantages and disadvantages, so that each traveller has to weigh up for himself which place to stay he finds more suitable. In any case, we will continue to rely on our favourite mix.

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